3M Trizact Treatment

Give your car body a flawless and sparkling look with our treatments.

3M™ Trizact™ Treatment

Trizact™ Treatment

Get a showroom new look with 3M’s Trizact™ treatment. Our car care team removes all light or medium scratches, oxidation, stains and paint imperfections giving way to a glossy, durable, fresh painted finish using 3M’s Trizact™ 3000 sheets blending for better finish. This process cleans and rejuvenates the painted surfaces, engine compartment, tyres, glass and rubber or vinyl parts.

A special car wash with the unique foaming treatment cleans the car body spotlessly eliminating all the dust and grime. The tyres and wheel arches are washed and the cleaned thoroughly by tar removal and clay wiping process.

Careful sanding is performed for scratch removal of light scratches and then the car surface is polished using unique Trizact™ technology discs, leveled with rubbing compound, refined to great detail by polishing. The final high gloss shine is given using the 3M™ Ultrafine Swirl Eliminator and the 3M™ Car Polish - a highly durable synthetic sealant for the final touch of gloss and protected. 

Trizact™ Treatment



Step 1

3M™ Cleaner Clay applied on areas affected by oil, grease and pollutants.


Step 2

3M’s Trizact™ Sanding Disc is used to refine the surface.


Step 3

Rubbing compound applied on the car body for further refinement.


Step 4

The rotary machine fitted with special 3M™ Pad and Swirl-mark-remover eliminates all swirl marks.


Step 5

3M™ Paste Wax applied on car surface to give it 'UV protection' and gloss.