3M Rodent Repellant

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3M™ Rodent Repellant

Is your car suffering a rodent attack?

Generally used rodent repellants like rat cakes, sprays, nets, etc., are ineffective against rodent attacks. These attacks result in extensive damage to engine components, cables and other parts. Rodent inflicted damage leads to breakdowns that are costly to repair and take time to resolve.

Protect critical engine components and cables

The 3M™ Rodent Repellant Coating is a specially developed formulation which repels rodents from the engine bay and entry areas like the wheel arch. This ‘barrier’ coating prevents unexpected damage caused by rodents.


3M™ Rodent Repellant is tested by a NABL Accredited Laboratory for its potency against rodents.

Recommended areas of application:


* Based on application across 25 to 30 cars

** For up to 6 months

*** Refer recommended application areas