3M Paint Shine And Shield Coating

Give your car body a flawless and sparkling look with our treatments.

3M™ Treatment to Remove Minor Scratches & Protect Your Car

Why does the shiny, new look of you car vanish,no matter what you do ?

The truth is your car is not designed to eliminate dust or other foreign particles on its own. Merely washing it with water might do more harm than good. In order to protect the cars surface from dirt, pollutants and everyday wear and tear, you need something more durable and easy-to-clean.  


Benefits of 3M™ Paint Shine and Shield Coating
The 3M™ Paint Shine & Shield Coating coating on your car protects it from dirt, dust and UV rays giving it a brand-new finish with low maintenance. The 3M™ Paint Shine & Shield Coating is hydrophobic as it provides water-beading preventing water from clinging to your car’s surface.


Step 1 - Inspect

Step 1

Check exteriors of the car (old or new) for swirl marks, scratches or stains.

Step 2 - Prepare

Step 2

Prepare car exteriors by removing swirl marks, minor scratches and stains.

Step 3 - Apply

Step 3

Apply two coats of 3M™ Paint Shine & Shield Coating coating.

Step 4 - Dry

Step 4

Allow car exteriors to dry completely for durable protection from dirt,dust and water.

Step 5 - Finish

Step 5

Wipe the car with 3M™ Micro-Fibre cloth for that glossy showroom like shine!


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