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Nomad Car Mats

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Nomad TM Car Mats from 3M with the proprietary terra matting loop system trap dust and dirt more effectively, causing dirt and water to fall to the bottom of the mat so that they do not spread to other areas and can be dusted off and cleaned easily.

3M NomadTM Car Mats – Now in India!

Presenting 3M’s Car Matting Solution for you! Get customized car floor covers with 3M Nomad Car Mats. The durable mats are available in various colors to match your car interiors. The 3M Nomad Car Mats are extremely easy to maintain as they keep the dirt, dry and wet spillages on the surface, making it very easy to clean.

3M Nomad Car mats are specially designed in an open loop structure and are uniquely manufactured,  which help in keeping car floor surface clean by trapping and hiding dirt and liquid.

These mats have resilient vinyl loop construction which helps in easy trapping of dirt and liquid, it is this same construction which allows the coils to hide the dirt.

3M Nomad mats features:

•    Wipe: Superior open looped structure offers ideal solution for wiping soil from shoes

•    Trap: Coiled Structure Wipes, Traps and Hides high amount of soil

•    Hide: Surface appears clean & aesthetic

•    Maintain Hygiene: Inhibits fungal growth

•    Keeps Interiors Clean: Easy to maintain and clean

•    Durable: High quality vinyl offers excellent crush resistance