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3M | Ceramic Coating

The science of shine.

Advanced Technology.

Powerful Performance.

Premium Finish.

High-gloss finish.

High-impact results.

Our 3M™ Ceramic Coating treatment helps enrich paint gloss and shine, for a durable new-polish look that will last.

How it works

Without Coating With 3M™ Ceramic Coating

Application of
3M™ Ceramic Coating

Pollutants bounces off

Pollutants bounce off - Coating enhance hydrophobicity significantly, keeping it shinier longer

Paintwork 3M™ Ceramic Coating

The Process


Car surface is inspected for scatches

Check exteriors of the car (old or new) for swirl marks, scratches or stains.


Car surface is prepared for Ceramic treatment

Prepare car exteriors by removing swirl marks, minor scratches and strains.


Ceramic coating is applied on paint

Apply two layers of 3M™ Ceramic Coating on Paint Surface.


Ceramic coating is applied on glass

Apply two layers of 3M™ Ceramic Coating on Glass Surface.


Car exterior is dried

Allow car exteriors to dry completely for Durable protection from dirt, dust and water.


Coating surface is given finishing touches

Wipte the car with 3M™ Micro-Fibre cloth for that glossy showroom-like shine!


Efficient water beading effect for a polished look that stays fresh*

Slick surface finish for easy cleaning of dirt, bugs & bird droppings

Water-repelling coating that sheds surface dust and dirt quickly

Durable finish that won't break down like other types of traditional waxes

*The effect may vary depending on maintenance and environmental conditions.