3M Interior Germkleen Plus Treatment

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3M™ Germkleen Interior Treatment + AC Duct Cleaning + 5 Point Check

3M™ Car Interior GermKleen Treatment

End-to-End car care and cleaning program for your car interiors: 3M™ Germkleen Interior Treatment + AC duct cleaning + 5 point check.

This package includes the following services :

  • Complete interior cleaning including seats, roof, floor and side panels using 3Ms special antibacterial formulation
  • Dashboard dressing
  • Cleaning and dressing of interior plastic parts with anti bacterial formulation
  • AC duct cleaning to eliminate foul smell from the vent and restore effective cooling
  • 5 point check of engine belt, wiper blade, door hinges, battery terminal and window channel


  • Preserves paint and plastic finish for a longer duration
  • Reduces dust, dirt and pollen contamination inside passenger compartment
  • Enhances look, shine and durability of vehicle plastics and leather
  • Gives streak-free visibility for glass and windshields
  • Ensures a healthy environment inside the passenger compartment
  • Effective lubrication reduces squeaky, noisy doors and boot joints
  • Eases window-glass movements inside the window channel and increases life of the window channel rubber


Step 1 - Car Interior Dry Vacuumed

Step 1

Car interior dry vacuumed.

Step 2 - 3M™ Antimicrobial Foam applied

Step 2

3M™ Antimicrobial Foam applied on interiors.

Step 3 - Car Interior Scrubbed

Step 3

Car interior scrubbed with brushes and vacuumed.

Step 4 - Plastic Parts Cleaned with Degreaser

Step 4

All plastic part cleaned with degreaser.

Step 5 - 3M™ Spray Dresser applied on plastic

Step 5

All plastic parts treated with 3M™ Spray Dresser to store shine.

Step 6 - AC Duct Cleaning

Step 6

Cleaning AC duct.

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