3M Silencer Coating

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3M™ Silencer Coating

The exposed surface of your silencer, under the car, brushes against bad roads, stones and is splashed with muddy water causing the silencer to rust and leak.

3M™ Silencer Coating Treatment provides a protective coating for silencers of all types of vehicles from corrosion and rust. The silencer washed and degreased before the 3M™ Protective Coat is applied with Body Schutz gold gun. The 3M™ Body Schutz/Undershield provides a hard coating on the underbody of the car that is fast-drying, paintable, rubberized, non-toxic and chip-resistant. The coating minimizes sound from underneath the vehicle and insulates against the heat and cold.

3M™ Silencer Coating Treatment increases the life of the silencer. The silencer also acquires diesel wash resistance and performs better at high temperatures.

Car Silencer Before 3M™ Silencer Coating Treatment
Car Silencer After 3M™ Silencer Coating Treatment
Heat-resistant silencer coating
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