3M Underbody Coating

Give your car body a flawless and sparkling look with our treatments.

3M™ Underbody Coating

A car’s underbody is exposed to the most wear and tear caused by muddy water, potholed roads, stones and other obstacles on the road. Because it’s not in plain sight, we often do not see the damage.

3M™ Underbody Treatments offers you a long term solution for issues related to corrosion and rust. First, the car under body is washed and degreased. Then, the 3M™ Protective Coat is applied with Body Schutz Gold Gun (5 year Warranty) or Undershield gun (2 year warranty). The 3M™ Body Schutz/Undershield, is a hard coating on the underbody of the car, that is fast-drying, paintable, rubberized, non-toxic and chip-resistant. It also minimizes sound from underneath the vehicle and insulates against the heat and cold.

The 3M™ Underbody Treatment protects the car underbody from rust, increasing the longevity of the car and thus enhancing its resale value.

Rusty Underbody of Car
Rust Free Car underbody after 3M™ Coating Treatment
Long-term underbody corrosion protection
Abrasion and chip resistant film coating
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