Powershine Paint Protection Treatment

3M Powershine Exterior Treatment

Give your car body a flawless and sparkling look with our treatments.

Powershine Treatment for Your Car's Surface Polish

Protect your car’s paint from oxidation 

Over time, your car's paint may begin to fade and lose its shine and lustre. Harsh environmental conditions and prolonged exposure to sunlight are the two main culprits.

Left unprotected, your car’s paint will start oxidising. Paint oxidation occurs when moisture is removed from the top layers causing it to lose vital oils. If these oils aren’t replaced, the damage becomes noticeable and the surface gradually becomes duller.

Getting a car wash will not restore the damage caused by oxidation. 3M Car Care’s Power Shine is one proven solution to protect the gloss and shine on your car. It takes complete care of your car’s exteriors, restoring the original paint finish while giving your car a brand new look.

Keep your car’s paint sparkling for longer

3M™ Power Shine's special abrasives and wax removes light or medium scratches, oxidation stains and paint imperfections, giving your car a glossy, new look.


  • Preserves the car’s paint finish for a longer duration
  • Reduces the risk of dust and pollen allergies for car occupants
  • Removes light scratches and the oxidation layer from the top coat
  • Enhances durability of the tyre finish and reduces dust accumulation on tyres
  • Streak-free vision through glass

Treatment Procedure

A special car wash with the unique foaming treatment cleans the car body spotlessly eliminating all the dust and the grime. The tyres and wheel arches are washed and the cleaned thoroughly by tar removal and clay wiping process.

After the expert car wash and cleaning, the surface is coated with 3M™ Car Polish - a highly durable synthetic sealant for the final touch of gloss and protected. The car carpets, floor and dashboard in the car are dry vacuumed and wiped clean of dust.


Step 1 - Tar and bug marks removed

Step 1

Tar and bug marks removed using 3M's GPAC.

Step 2 - Polish Car Surface

Step 2

Car surface is glazed using 3M™ Car Polish.

Step 3 - 3M™ Paste Wax applied

Step 3

3M™ Paste Wax applied for protection, shine and gloss.

Step 4 - Tyre, bumper and windshield surfaces cleaned

Step 4

Tyre, bumper and windshield surfaces thoroughly cleaned and dressed with 3M's unique formulations.

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