3M Interior Germkleen Treatment

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Keep Your Car’s Interior 99.9% Clean & Germ free with 3M™ GermKleen Treatment

Stop germs from making your car unsafe!

On a daily basis, most of us spend at least 3 - 4 hours inside our cars as we travel through muddy water, potholed roads and smoggy traffic jams. But that’s not the only way germs gain entry into our cars, they also appear when we snack inside our cars or travel with our pets, etc.

We do take care of our cars. Clean them, dry them, wax them. But, simply cleaning the exterior of our car isn’t good enough. Even though we spend the most time beautifying the car exterior, we do not realize that the interiors need to be cleaned too; after all, that’s where we spend most of our time!

Research shows that the interiors of a car are the ideal breeding ground for germs. They appear unnoticed, around empty juice and water bottles, used tissues in storage areas and crumbs of food we dust off when we eat in our cars.

These germs are invisible to the eye and they breed on carpets, seat covers and under the seats. Left untreated, these germs can become the cause for diseases like asthma and allergies.

If there’s one solution to keeping one’s car interiors absolutely hygienic and clean, it’s 3M Car Care’s GermKleen, a treatment meant exclusively to keep car interiors 99.9% germ-free.

Drive out germs. Get your car’s interiors 99.9%* germ-free

3M Car Care’s GermKleen kills germs, using a powerful anti-microbial formulation that’s guaranteed to keep your car’s interiors 99.9% bacteria-free.

This foam-based product cleans and disinfects your car’s interiors, improving the overall aesthetics and life of your car. It is a two part application: Anti Microbial Upholstery cleaner for fabric covered surfaces and Anti Microbial Plastic Cleaner for plastic and vinyl surfaces. This ensures all areas are equally cleaned.

  • Effectively removes stains and dirt from the car’s interior surface
  • Unique foaming action guaranteed to eliminate germs from virtually any surface
  • Leaves no greasy residue
  • Enhances protection from germs
*Certified by Biotech Services - Mumbai                      

3M Car Care provides a Certificate of Assurance, declaring that 99.9% of germs have been removed. This has been certified by Biotech Services – Mumbai. It is advised to get this treatment once every 6 months.


  • Preserves paint and plastic finish for a longer duration
  • Reduces dust, dirt and pollen contamination inside passenger compartment
  • Enhances look, shine and durability of vehicle plastics and leather
  • Gives streak-free visibility for glass and windshields
  • Ensures a healthy environment inside the passenger compartment

Cleans every surface

  • Complete interior cleaning including seats, roof, floor and side panels using powerful antimicrobial foam based product.
  • Dashboard dressing
  • Car interior vacuuming
  • Cleaning and polish of interior plastic parts
  • Glass cleaning
3M™ Interior GermKleen Treatment


Step 1 - Car Interior Dry Vacuumed

Step 1

Car interior dry vacuumed.

Step 2 - 3M™ antimicrobial foam applied

Step 2

3M™ antimicrobial foam applied on interiors.

Step 3 - Car Interior Scrubbed

Step 3

Car interior scrubbed with brushes and vacuumed.

Step 4 - Plastic Parts Cleaned with Degreaser

Step 4

All plastic part cleaned with degreaser.

Step 5 - 3M™ Spray Dresser applied on plastic

Step 5

All plastic parts treated with 3M™ spray dresser to store shine.

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